Hugh Jackman Told Me I Cannot Be Afraid – Part 2

Person Standing on Ledge

Photo by Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

When last we considered Mr. Jackman, I proposed that the phrase “you cannot be afraid” in the song “Come Alive” could have been reworded to say “you may not be afraid”, not to deny permission but rather to say “perhaps you are not afraid.”

I have known some fearless people.  For instance, after my college commencement, a group of young men in my class immediately climbed into a vehicle and drove across the country to start their new lives in Los Angeles.  One of my elementary school peers now resides in New York City and is doing what he absolutely loves in the world of media.  Others left home countries to start adventures in new worlds.

And I wonder, where does that fearlessness come from?  How can they not be afraid?

I’ve already established that I am a nervous Nelly.  A worry wart.  An unabashed member of the perpetually anxious society.  Fear is not a question for me, but usually an answer.  And I do believe a measure of fear is good.  We can’t run pell-mell into everything or else we greatly increase our chances of destruction.  (That’s why some of our cavemen ancestors got eaten by dinosaurs and others went on to star in The Flintstones.)  However, when that fear turns into chains, we have a problem.

What could we accomplish if we weren’t afraid, not just as individuals, but as members of the universe?  Could we wipe out world hunger? purify all water supplies? house every human in all nations?  It’s interesting to think how far fearlessness can take us – and how stagnant fear can keep us.

Let’s get the beach ball rolling: What’s the most fearless thing you’ve ever done?

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