Insecure Writer’s Support Group: November

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November’s Question:  How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing?

I used to consider myself a creative individual.  I wrote, of course, but I also sang and acted throughout my adolescence.  When I entered the workforce, opportunities for creativity greatly reduced.  As I’ve mentioned before, once I started working full-time I found I didn’t have the energy or focus to pursue creative endeavors in my personal life.  This struggle continues to this very day.

I still consider myself creative, to an extent.  But I often wonder if I’ve lost my ability to create.  Taking years off from creative pursuits has to have some effect on one’s abilities.  Honestly, now that I find myself in a place where I can actually write again, I’m having trouble getting started.  There have been a lot of mind-blowing stories released in the last ten years.  How can I compete with them?  How can I live up to them?  Do I really have anything worth saying anymore?  Is there anyone out there who would want to listen?

Looking at today’s society gives me pause.  Everyone seems to expect so much from their creative counterparts and they’re quick to tear us down when we don’t deliver.  What if I can’t give them what they want?

(Of course, the better question is why do I care?  Aren’t I supposed to create for myself first?  That’s another post.)

It seems the creativity in my life hasn’t evolved so much since I began writing: It’s (de)evolved since I began adulting.

Let’s get the beach ball rolling: How has your creativity in life evolved since you began writing (or pursuing another form of creative art)?


8 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group: November

  1. It’s so hard to juggle full-time work with other family/life commitments and find time for creative pursuits as well. I don’t think you’ve lost your ability to create – just take some time and let yourself find your creative groove again. It will happen 🙂


  2. After a demanding career, I found it difficult to get back into writing. What helped me was blogging. Each piece was necessarily short, and I could indulge in my love of photography and maps to add images. I’ve learned so much through blogging, but especially through my blogging friends and the IWSG. I think without blogging, I might have given up. All the best to you, Lauren. Play with something small and shut out all the negative thoughts. Dark chocolate and coffee also help me ~ LOL


    1. What an interesting idea! I have constantly heard of using blogging to build your platform. But during times of reduced creativity, it helps to keep honing the skills. This gives me a whole new view on the blogging process! Thank you!


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