Stop Faking the Funk

woman stop palm

Photo by Isaiah Rustad on Unsplash

I write this post for myself as much as for you.  As 2018 falls away and 2019 takes the reins, I pose this call to action, for all of us: STOP FAKING THE FUNK.

What is “the funk”?  It isn’t the funk so much as your funk.  Your passion.  Your drive.  Your true, unalterable, authentic self.  STOP FAKING IT.

But Lauren, I’m not faking it.  By definition authenticity cannot be faked.

Very wise, dear reader, very wise.  Time for a reality check: We are faking it.

Every time we choose TV over pounding out those 500 words in our literary masterpiece, we’re faking it.

Every time we skip the audition because we’re sure we won’t get cast, we’re faking it.

Every day we give our talents and time to someone else’s dream, we’re faking it.

Every time we tell someone I want to be a writer, an actor, an entrepreneur, and then go home to our complacent bubbles, we’re faking it.

Who are you?  What do you want?  Now is the time to make it real.

Let’s get the beach ball rolling: How are you faking the funk?  What should you be doing instead?

3 thoughts on “Stop Faking the Funk

  1. I think we procrastinate because then we get to prolong the dream. We fail to realize that it’s all right to try and fail. I’ve known far too many writers who decided they can’t make it after a few set backs. The ones who make it are the ones who can’t be deterred.


    1. A ton of truth in that statement! I agree that procrastination allows us to “prolong the dream” – and from a safe distance, at that. Nicely worded. 🙂


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