Mid-February Is the New January


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Remember when I said we need to stop faking the funk?  If not, see the post directly before this one.

I was all about authenticating my funk in 2019.  But, in true Lauren fashion, I managed to get myself so off course that I feel like I need to not only start my plan over, but the entire year.  (Some days I would like to start my life over, but then handsome hubby buys me candy and everything seems better.)

Now, I’m not one to make excuses.  I think it’s important to take responsibility for our actions.  But accidents do happen.  And in January, my derailment started with an accident.  Not a huge one, mind you.  But a decent one.

I’m a klutz.  Seriously, there is very little if anything graceful about me.  I injure myself daily in some capacity.  I couldn’t understand why until I realized that I’m always moving so freaking fast.  It’s like part of me thinks the piece of paper in my hand will disappear if I don’t take action immediately.  Then, boom!  Paper cut.  Alas, a pair of fuzzy socks and a carpeted staircase were literally my downfall this time around.  I slipped, became airborne, landed directly on my tailbone, and bounced down the remaining steps to the floor.  Hello bruised tailbone.

I’d been making significant gains on some goals up to that point.  Then, since I was relegated to the couch with ice packs, heating pads, and ibuprofen when I wasn’t at work, everything came to a standstill.  My physical state debilitated my mental state.

And now it is February.  Mid-February.  How are we seven weeks into 2019 but my life is looking a whole lot like 2018?

I don’t put much stock in new year’s resolutions.  Every day is a chance to resolve to do better.  Why save all your self-improvement for the new year when you can make substantial progress right now?  (Full disclosure: I used to be huge on new year’s resolutions.  I was also a hugely frustrated human being by the end of January.)  So, with that in mind, I’m un-pausing this movie that started almost fifty days ago and picking up where I left off.

I can’t wait to see when the next klutz-tastic moment arrives.  Hopefully no one will have a camera.

Let’s get the beach ball rolling:  How are you doing so far in 2019?  Share a success with us!  Or, share a less-than-success.  We’re here for you!

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