About the Blog

“The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitude.”
– William James

I spend a lot of time online.  I bet you do, too!  Most of my attention goes to celebrity gossip sites because it’s the only type of “news” I can stomach.  One can only scroll through so many headlines announcing violence, hate, and the de-civilizing of the human race before her mind turns to a dark mass of mush.

I’ve lost a significant portion of my life to that dark mass of mush.  I once thought the darkness made me edgy.  As a shroud, it protected me from the attacks of the world and the people in it.  I carried that darkness with me, embracing it, convincing myself I had mastered it, that it enhanced who I was.  But year by year, it was devouring me.  I was never its master – only its slave.

In 2013, I ended the relationship with my master.  I found my faith again.  I found my heart again.  I found myself again.  Once I allowed myself to be set free, life changed for the better – and the positive changes keep on coming!

And that’s why I started Scribbler in the Sand.  Yes, it is a means of platform building.  But it’s so much more than that!  I spent over a month thinking about this blog, researching how to blog, seeking advice from bloggers and freelance writers.  I spent money I didn’t really have on books I didn’t really need.  I have journals throughout the house chronicling my thought process in this endeavor.  After all of that, here’s what you’ll find when you visit Scribbler in the Sand:

  • A safe place.  I am tired of sites that encourage people to share their thoughts but then tear them apart when they offer a difference of opinion.  If you choose to comment on my posts, I’ll read what you have to say and not judge you.  (However, if you’re only spouting bad stuff, I will take the appropriate action so that the general purpose of the site is not compromised.)
  • A positive place.  I used to dwell on negatives so much that I saw no good in anything.  Anything.  I’m done with that and I want you to be, too.  While there may be times when I post about less than happy things, I am not about spewing negativity and hate into the universe.  Yes, we need to acknowledge the negative, but ultimately, I want you to leave this space with hope and joy.
  • A peaceful place.  Some of my reference material advised I make controversial statements to ignite discussion.  I understand where the authors are coming from, however, the line between controversial and adversarial is pretty thin.  That’s not a camp in which I want to find myself.

In short, Scribbler in the Sand is a quiet little beach in a far corner of the internet.  You are invited to rest here, refresh here, then return to your day.  If I’ve done my job right (write?), you’ll do so feeling a little more peaceful, a little more inspired, a little more smiley than when you arrived.

~Lauren M.